Welcome to the French Horn Society web site !

The mission of the AFC (Association Française du Cor) is to promote the art, craft and fun of horn playing. It regroups numerous interprets, teachers, students and amateurs who love their golden horn. (the AFC committee). The language is usually French, but the focus is definitely on both international and French-speaking horn players.

The association organises festivals, exhibitions, concerts around the horn in France, teams up with the British Horn Society and the International Horn Society whenever relevant. It also publishes a generous magazine (La Revue du Corniste), newsletters, and acts as an information network for its members.

In 2016, the AFC will celebrate its 40 years through 4 festivals in France involving international and French horn players.

Please contact us (selecting « Autre message ») should you have any question, or wish to join forces on an opportunity. Our English, German, Spanish, Italian speaking members will be delighted to answer..